Friday, 6 February 2009

Winterjam/Snowscrapers 2009: East River Park, New York

Just a quick mention for the rather wonderful little freebie that went down this past Thursday night on the banks of the East River. Despite hypothermic temperatures, a hardy crowd braved the numbing Arctic winds to watch an entertaining mix of snowboarding and rocking in the heart of lower-east Manhattan.

Entry was gratis and, despite some arse-clenchingly amateur organization and commentating, the whole event was thoroughly enjoyable.
Black Gold played some passable indie rock shortly after a riding jam session, which featured some daredevil efforts from various snowboard luminaries (it's been 5 years since my last Winter-X-Games in Aspen, so the names mean nothing to me now). The big draw of the night for me was a first chance to see thrash legends Anthrax, even though this was to be the last part of the night and meant a continued vigil by the stage in tundra conditions (people who live in Alaska/Canada/Minnesota etc have permission to mock the city softies at this point). This anticipation only grew as the clowns on commentary passed on the good news that Chuck D would be joining the boyz for a run through of Bring Tha!

Anyway, the riding passed the time nicely even though the Norwegian we were cheering (Euro solidarity, brothers) managed to arse up his final run and came careering inelegantly from the ramp on his buttocks. Not a recognised trick, unfortunately for Terje. When finally we came to the thrash, they delivered a short but worthwhile set, dutifully captured by a YouTuber here:

The band have subsequently issued an apology for the short set, cut early due to delays in the main snowboarding event. I for one still had a great time, though, and will take it as a cue to dig into the band's back catalogue more carefully. So at least it wasn't a complete disaster, eh lads?!

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