Sunday, 22 February 2009

Skye's The Limit

Just a quickie tonight (insert Carry On humour here) but certainly none the worse for its brevity, involving as it does Mastodon.

I've already strictly restrained myself by flagrantly stating that newie 'Crack The Skye' might be the album of the year, so why not continue the unfettered hyperbole (this is a blog, after all) by getting all rigid for the launch of the album mini-site.

The artwork appears as strong as ever and there are some wonderful pre-order options
here. Release date is 3/24/09 (23/3/09 - Euro folks) which should be thrice underlined in diaries, unless you've sensibly taken advantage of said pre-order or something similar.

In the meantime, Divinations was unveiled earlier this year as a single and is sounding suitably epic. Judging on one song is usually a bad idea, so suffice it to say this does seem to showcase Mastodon exploring whilst retaining their core of intricate, weaving riffs and conceptually rooted lyrics. There's also talk of Neurosis influences throughout the release, which is enough to make me rush for the lavatory. Which is a pleasant way to end the post and the week, non?

Mastodon Official

MP3 - Divinations

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