Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pattern Against User?

A few recent posts have included links direct to ultra-ace labels who see no problems in offering their visitors free MP3's of their bands. This got me to thinking about the motivation for doing so, then onto comparing this approach with those that don't sanction it......usually the majors, though they're not alone in this miserly outlook, with other indies following suit on occasion.

I suppose the reasoning could be made that others stream releases/videos etc, whether directly or through MySpace, so the savvy online fan can still enjoy their music before committing to buy. Some users still have slow connections, however, or simply like to have the portable mp3 file with them in their daily to-and-fro-ing (I plan on campaigning for that to be an acknowledged verb......right after I get the faltering 'U' readmitted to the US lexicon). Am I the only one that has playlists featuring songs by artists whose albums I fancy buying? I'm appalling at remembering the titles that so wowed me only the evening prior, so I can just whip out the iPod and remind myself what I was digging and pick it up. If your release isn't on there, it's not getting bought.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate those generous (catch the U.....pretty, isn't it?) souls at some of the labels that have two key criteria: 1) Free MP3 page (duh) and 2) a quality roster that keeps me coming back for more. Hey, ho, let's go:

Recommended Artists: Where does one begin.....Okkervil River, Black Mountain, Bon Iver, Parts & Labor.....and they just signed up Dinosaur Jr, oh my.

TEMPORARY RESIDENCE - Home / MP3's Recommended Artists: Grails, Explosions in the Sky, Maserati, Mono, Lazarus.

DEFINITIVE JUX - Home / MP3's Recommended Artists: Aesop Rock, El-P, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Hangar 18, Dizzee Rascal.

> Note: Not all artists have MP3's but good shit like those below do. Have a dig around.
Recommended Artists: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Tiger Army, The Coup, The Weakerthans.

Taking a second away from the labels, Insound also has a pretty fantastic range of free tracks up for grabs here.

Support these good folks if you can. Hit their sites, avail yourself of their worthy efforts and find a couple of artists that you may not have heard of beyond those mentioned above. A good label is like a seal of quality on an artist and I've found that those above (and many others....more posts to come, I predict) definitely deliver in that area. Much love!

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dmc said...

How else would you spell generous?

Zidered said...

Exactly, it works well with the 'u'. I just want to extend that effectiveness to words like favor, color, honor etc etc. Or I just want higher scores in Scrabble, perhaps.