Monday, 9 February 2009

A New York Minute

Yes, yes, these are becoming incredibly New York-centric I agree. Understandable given that it's the biggest change in my life for 4 years or thereabouts, but I have other stuff bubbling away in my grey matter as well.....promise! The wonderful new Animal Collective needs a review, as does the pretty little Bon Iver EP and that elusive The Bronx release from late last year. Soon, precious, sooooooon......

For now, though, some more tunes that have been upturning frowns (well, mine anyway) on the subway rides to and from Manhattan. All have some slight connection to the city, not all totally positive but that's part and parcel of appraising such a vast place. Diversity can be a curse as well as a blessing, yet I'm only seeing the good times right now. And I haven't even been to a gig yet, imagine!

The Gaslight Anthem
- Here's Looking At You, Kid

Shootyz Groove - NYC Minute

Keith Caputo - New York City

So get back to New York City.
My heavenly home, crime can be so pretty"

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