Monday, 2 February 2009

Movin', Just Keep Movin'

Now then, as I write now I can look back one full year and remember hoping I would be exactly where I am right now....happily kicking off life in New York City. For all the wonderful things about life in Liverpool, the job situation and longer term objectives were not going to be served there and we thought let's go big.....really big. So, with the possibilities unfolding in front of us more rapidly than we could take them in, my good lady and I have finally figured out the first step in getting here without living under a bridge and eating out of bins. Good times.

Ta ra la'.................

.........time to be in NYC.

The first thing that's striking me is the sheer quantity of events, jobs, housing.....everything.....that are on offer here. Obviously it's a huge city and this was to be expected, yet actually existing within this environment is something quite beyond that expectation. Between Liverpool and Manchester, I could construct a very appealing and full gig calendar through most of the year. Here, I'm struggling to even be aware of all the possibilities before they occur, let alone getting a handle on the venues that seem to pop up and disappear within the same week, the critical mass of artists apparently residing over ten square feet in Brooklyn, and how a Propagandhi concert can turn into Les Savy Fav on my LastFM without me being an active participant....?! It's all so powerfully overwhelming. And I love it.

Granted, this time next year I'm highly likely to post about the green, wide-eyed and jabbering tourist-cum-immigrant that writes this, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I remember a similar, though much less engulfing feeling upon the first weeks moving into Liverpool, or the Aspen area before it. The beauty of it is the anticipation and the great unknown. Impatience is the shadow of that feeling but I'm taking great care to savour the transition period too, with all the nerves, excitement, and vagueness that entails.

Annnnnnnnd this links to the tunes hoooowww exactly......? Well, in nothing more tenuous than a few songs that have been companions in the transition from the 'pool to the Big Apple. More may pop out through the week, but I'll start out with a couple of Brits:

The Wombats - Moving to New York - Buy

Tellison - New York New York New York - Buy

The former
probably best sum this up, as they're graduates from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts who did well in the UK and are trying to translate that to US success. And they have a song called 'Moving to New York', which even a chimp could pull out as a cheesy link. Again, I couldn't give a monkeys.

This is all about being happy and following a path that feels right to us, not anyone else. Like smiling on the subway, this isn't a standard action but damn if it doesn't feel like the right thing to do.

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