Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ladies Night

I posted about Victoria Hesketh (aka Little Boots) towards the end of last month and have been spinning the few tracks I have regularly ever since. Last week my LastFM streaming also picked up a track and followed it up with multiple lass fronted artists. My attention thus focused, I started to think how many quality songs I've enjoyed recently that rely on the powerful serenity of the female vocal.

It's not entirely uncommon, especially in rockier crowds, to find the opinion that a woman singing usually detracts from the music. Whilst I've never subscribed to this, I can't say that my collection is bursting with female singers, so I'm glad to take some time to appreciate those that are there already, as well as those that are just recently introducing themselves.

Little Boots - Magical Tropical Mixtape (free download on sign up)

Jenny Lewis
- The Next Messiah

Asobi Seksu
- Familiar Light

Constantines & Feist - Islands in the Stream

Portishead - We Carry On

Coming full circle, I'm excited to say that my first giggage in the NYC area will actually be Little Boots. Coming 3,000 miles across an ocean to see an act born 1 hour's drive from my UK home? Makes perfect sense to me! Which leads me neatly into the big move this weekend, something about which I intend to post plenty this coming week as the hangover of January draws to a close and the sobering hard work of February kicks in.........exciting times!

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