Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Golden Age?

Interesting times?

Mr Obama starts his new job today, marking the end of another's reign that can, at best, be described as 'awkward'. The Bush/Blair years are now thankfully behind us and, cautiously, a new era seems to be emerging. As my (yet to exist) kids will inhabit this one, and I'm now living within it, I've a bit more invested in this particular chapter of US history. The vast majority seem to be greeting the change with a hopeful optimism, despite the difficult times in which we are living. The rest are calling the lad a Muslim liberal terrorist on the basis of his name and should probably be gathered together as the new tenants of Guatanamo.

Having lived through the Blairsteria of Britain in May 1997, I can offer a note of caution in that the reality is often far removed from the anticipation. Now, though, I really do feel a genuine foundation for this temporary fervour. A more symbolic and critical change of custodian has occurred in this case and if even half of the campaign promises are half met, we'll be on the right track. Still, the nagging sense of potential disappointment remains and it's possibly this that makes the whole situation so electric.

May you live in interesting times? Wherever it goes, this ride will certainly explore that particular duality.

Golden Age - TV on the Radio

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- Saul Williams

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