Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Orwellian Nightmare

Despite having heard that phrase throughout my days, it's not something that I really understood well conceptually until a few years ago. I'm pretty sure music somehow started the education process in this area, as with so many others, yet the exact path of research escapes me. To date I've not read 1984 but, given my painfully slow progress through Moby Dick after Mastodon's conceptual use for 'Leviathan' (currently on page 341....they haven't even seen the White Whale yet), I'll get around to it during the next decade.

The reason for all this preamble, aside from the joy I experience in taking too many words to reach the point of anything and everything, is to introduce Innerpartysystem, a band whose name derives from the elitist class in Orwell's famed, totalitarian vision of the future. Having ploughed through the s/t album a few times, I can gain a vague feeling of this influencing the music, such as the conflict described on 'Everyone is the Same' and the eerie, claustrophobic electronics that close out the album on 'Soundscape'. Chiefly though I think they just happened upon a damn cool monicker and ran with it.

The band hail from Pennsylvania and also came to my attention as they're touring pretty extensively in the US, then UK, early next year. This includes a stop at Cleveland's Grog Shop, a venue of which I have fond memories and to which I must return before our lives carry us on to le Grande Pomme de Terre. They reputedly have a pretty solid live show, backed up by manic strobing lights, which I can see complimenting their driving, electronic rock audi o pretty well. Stylistically they have a Filter/Stabbing Westward-hued sound, given a good polish in the same way that Linkin Park used to achieve (in)famousness. Whilst the latter might not have the more discerning alt-rocker rushing for the links below, I can confirm it does actually pan out effectively. In fact, I've listened to so much lo-fi, "real" indie on LastFM radio recently that I was more than ready for something as slick as these guys. Maybe you feel the same?

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