Monday, 22 December 2008

Do You Remember the Tiiiiime?

Wow, so that time girl really does fly don't she? A lack of summer buying/gigging left me with not so much to write about, followed by an extended period without t'internet leaving me unable to knock anything out if and when I was able to pick up something interesting. So here we are, close to the year end, with of course the inevitable lists bringing myself (and who knows how many other e-ramblers) back to the blogs. The new year promises much but as we're not entirely done with this one yet, much remains to be said and I'm glad I'm back on here pre-2009 to catch up on some missed babbling.

That said, my lists are still being calculated by a complex set of statistical algorithms (read: 3 columns and an arbitrary rating scale in Excel), so this is simply a return to the noble art of spotlighting an artist. Namely, Little Boots.

I first caught this Blackpool lass performing on Jools Holland a couple of months ago now, so it's taken me a little while to follow up the initial pique in my interest. She bashed out a firey little uptempo number called 'Meddle', with the eye-catching combination of piano and stylophone. I was dubious at first but it was so passionately played and catchy that you couldn't help being drawn in. Having downloaded said tune and streamed a couple of others, I can heartily recommend her efforts to all and sundry, especially with the Lancashire connection making her more and less a local artist (sort of......kind of....a bit). The sound is of the du-jour electro-pop variety but with some neat twists and turns that give a nod towards the slightly unhinged element of The Dresden Dolls too. All of which works excellently on the few songs around at the moment.

There's no album out as yet but the (now rare) vinyl Arecibo EP can be purchased on your favourite random indie site, such as this one or, if the Crunch is really hitting home, a nifty mix tape can be obtained gratis by signing up to her mailing list here. Consider it an early Christmas present.......certainly far better than some of the jumpers you're to receive shortly from the Aunt you can barely recall meeting.

Happy Holidays!

Little Boots Myspace

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