Monday, 5 May 2008

Monday Memory: Pitchshifter

Pitchshifter have a special place in the blackened metal heart of my teens, as one of a clutch of British metal bands that first made me feel excited about the UK scene. Along with Dub War, One Minute Silence, Pulkas, and Bullyrag, they toured regularly and released albums that in the mid to late '90's sounded cutting edge and turned me onto a variety of sounds and styles.

The most memorable of the 3 or 4 times I saw them live was at a converted church in St. Paul's, Bristol. It was something of a notorious area, partially for racial undertones, which added to the uncertainty of where I was going and what I'd see. As it turned out there was nothing dangerous, save the ear-destroying bass levels. Pitchshifter always delivered a high energy, pounding set that revelled in railing against their pet hates. And with the monarchy and recently elected Labour government at the top of their shit list, it gave the kids something much closer to home at which to vent our undefined angst. More importantly, though, we got to crash into each other like a game in the Derby FC defence.

They're still fusing their distinct drum n bass-tinged rhythm section to serrated metal guitars to this day, as far as I'm aware, so below are then and (almost) now live clips to show they more than still have it. A cracking British band that I loved growing up with and whose music still sounds urgent and relevant today.

VIRUS - Live 1998


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