Sunday, 11 May 2008

Anti-Terrorism Pact?

The party starts here! Well, not really but this is the build up week to ATP pour moi, although the listening began in earnest over the last two weeks. I've been wanting to attend one of these niche, anti-festivals for a good 5 years and this weekend it comes to fruition.

Excitedly informing colleagues that I'm going to this acronym festival generally elicits only vague recognition at best, confused/fearful stares at worst, so I'm taking it upon myself to showcase a few of my most anticipated bands from the line up here this week.The first being Battles.

I saw these boys in Liverpool last August, so I have an idea what's coming, but the beauty here is that they're playing not only two sets across 3 days, but also that one of them is a blast through '
til 3am on a Saturday night. Futuristic robot rock soundtracking an elongated drinking session into the wee hours of Sunday morning.......well it's my idea of a blinder anyway. The song that pulled me into them was the 7 minute plus, Clanger-vocalised 'Atlas', after which the rest of their 2007 album 'Mirrored' all fell into place. They're sure to put on a couple of very differing but innovative sets, all based on the pinpoint rhythm (and exceedingly high hat cymbal) of John Stanier's drumming talents. Ace.

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Battles - Atlas

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