Tuesday, 13 May 2008

All Tigres Papier?

Today's spotlight falls upon the shadowy French figure (think the start of Pink Panther - da da, da da....etc) of Papier Tigre, a band that have solely come to my attention thanks to a late addition up the ATP bill. In fact, they're one of the very first on this Friday, which makes it all the more exciting that they're a bit special.

Their tunes at first seemed a bit stripped down, but soon I realised where that wonderful familiarity in the sound stemmed from.......Fugazi! They have a terrific off-kilter, angular approach to their music that grows with each passing listen, so that now I'm really rather thinking that Friday morning blast down the M6/M5 might need to be notched up to 90mph, thus ensuring these boys and The Constantines are seen.

A pleasant discovery, hopefully only halfway fulfilled.........

Papier Tigre - Writing On the Wall

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