Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tuesday Choon - The Raconteurs

Granted, this was all started to focus writing on the less blogged bands of the world - and, sure, to ramble at great length about obsolete bands from the dim & distant - but there have to be exceptions to prove the rule.......okay, think I got away with that one.

Truth is, there probably couldn't be a more bloggable release currently than The Raconteurs newie 'Consolers of the Lonely'. Released with only a weeks notice and coming from a band that started doing the blog rounds a good 9 months plus before their debut release, it's presumably now catch up time for the usually well prepared scourers of the interweb.

Naturally, there are suspicions raised when anyone tries to rush something out without critical build up. The band explanation is a fairly neutral one, in desiring to let the buying public decide how they wish to seek out this new set of tunes.....CD, digital, vinyl (crazy), the choice is yours! Well that's not exactly revolutionary, it still being out on a record label and through standard distribution and all, but who really cares when it's the music you've been waiting for? If it's shit, people will quickly cotton on and any initial gains would likely be shot to hell once word gets around.....which in today's terms can mean less than a day.

Thankfully, this isn't shit. It takes a couple of listens to get into and is still very simple, unchallenging rock with a classic '70's twist, but the
charm of debut 'Broken Boy Soldiers' remains. Most songs have a roots, Western tinge to them, hence the choice here of 'The Switch & The Spur'. It's a twisting, jangling run through the land of old time Clint Eastwood, punctuated with trumpet blasts and the odd rattlesnake maraca.

The Raconteurs - The Switch And The Spur

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