Sunday, 13 April 2008

Love Me!

A quick shout for a band that announced themselves on my LastFM last month, Mountains Became Machines. Their singer Adam popped a complement ahead of a recommendation into my inbox, which whilst pleasant is usually the buttering up before the "dig my band!!" plea. Well, there's no point criticising when the recommendation is this well founded.....these Stoke boys play like thunder :-)

The songs are all past the 10 minute mark and form a debut EP which should be winging its way to my flat this week, so I'll save the details and review for then. Suffice it to say for the moment that this is sprawling rock in the vein of Pelican and edging towards the more metallic sounds of earlier Isis. First listens reveal a dynamic, huge wall of sound that covers enough bases to get me drooling at the prospect of listening to it properly (read: non-streaming). Well worth your attention if digging those references, keep eyes locked here for more wordage as it flows into my ears.........

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