Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday Memory


That was how Amen would likely summarise their musical manifesto. They had a tune called 'Refuse Amen' and the word printed across their pectorals and those of anyone who bought their natty merch too, so it seems well evidenced. The band still evoke that intangible 'anti' feeling in my mind to this day too, at least on the eponymous debut and its even more vicious follow up We Have Come For Your Parents.

Their work after 2001 veered into more drip-fed releases, either at the gigs or through Casey's 'Refuse Music' label/site/thing, and arguably had less venom than the earlier stuff. Perhaps this was down to the rotating line-up or maybe over-saturation, as Chaos was a staple of the music mags in the early noughties - an NME cover showing how flaveur du jour were Amen at one point - but regardless, the DIY and anger has always been present.

There are rumblings of a more coherent band returning to the scene of the crime thi syear, what with Chaos' appearance on a Henry Rollins show last year (see below), so only time will tell whether they again approach the heights of the first two releases. Whatever happens, though, Amen will always be one of the very first bands I turn to when it all seems to be turning to shit. Refuse, indeed.

Amen - Justified (Live at Big Day Out 2002) - Lemming impression at 3:20

The Rollins Show - Recent performance of Coma America

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