Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday Memory: File Under 'Face Melting'

In 2003, I was living out in the wild Rockies of Colorado, more regularly enjoying the adrenaline of chucking down a mountain on a plank of plastic than that of seeing a ferocious live band in full flow. Fair enough, I did regularly make the 7 hour round trip to Denver - a short punt down the road by Yankee standards - on numerous occasions to catch larger bands.....but my fill of small, nasty clubs and bands pulverising their audience from 2 feet away was poorly serviced.

Get outta town........

Step forward The Suicide File. If I recall correctly, I was in town for an office supplies conference, so of course the excitement was already at fever pitch, but these Boston boys managed to push it all the way over the edge. I tracked out to the ace little college town of Boulder (which I still miss....especially Pearl Records) to catch Every Time I Die playing a tiny club on 'the Hill', the name of which now escapes me (I know, the 'memory' bit of the blog title isn't well least it's Monday eh). I had no knowledge of the supports and was really only present that early as I didn't know what time the show started, so erred on the side of caution. Kerching, good choice!

The band wasted little time in pleasantries and simply ripped into a pulsating 30 minutes or so of vitriolic, shredding hardcore. I have limited love for that genre - or had, at the time - but this was something else and encapsulated why so many people get sucked into the scene. They absolutely raged through tracks like 'Ashcroft', 'Laramie' and 'Rum, Romanism & Tammany', only halting to lambast the scene of which they were unwillingly a part and instruct anyone who wanted merch to buy a CD for the songs, not t-shirts/trucker hats for scene points. I duly obliged and the short, sharp politicised commentary blasts on 'Twilight' still regularly pump through my speakers to this day.

Unfortunately, the band split up later that year but for me they remain a classic example of relentless touring and a ferocious live show being a key weapon in any rock band's arsenal. I had no need or expectation of seeing pure hardcore on my way to that I drove away that weekend, back up into the mountains, I knew it would resonate within me well beyond that one weekend. Cheers lads.

The few links you can find on the band are here, courtesy of the supoib Indecision Records.

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