Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Just Like James, Was Drinking Irish (Last Night)

So says I, after another blistering night on the black stuff and watching Against Me! at the Liverpool Academy, for the third time in as many years. They keep drawing me back, on the basis of a lethal cocktail combining hugely catchy, hook-laden punk songs with attitude and energy that's second to none.

This show was no exception, with only the omission of 'We
Laugh at Danger & Break All the Rules' detracting from proceedings. Other than that the set was chock full of massive songs, old & new. Kicking off with 'Up the Cuts', moving through 'New Wave', 'Pints of Guinness Make You Strong', and 'From Her Lips....', the set felt more like a Greatest Hits tour from an arena rock band than a small, sweaty club show with a political bent. 'Thrash Unreal' provided a set highlight for this fanboy, due to the rousing sing along of this cathartic lyrical section:

This night is gonna end
when we're damn well ready, for it to be over

worked all week long,
now the music is playing on our time.
Yeah we do, what we do, to get by.....

and then we need a release."

In essence, Against Me! always deliver an impassioned and memorable live show. Their songs resonate and their energy pushes them home with the kind of presence most bands can only dream of. I highly recommend catching these guys if the opportunity comes your way.

Check out some live footage that only hints at their engrossing show here: LIVE

And here's a live take on the one they
should have played last night.....I only forgive once ;-) MP3

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