Monday, 24 March 2008

Tuesday Choon - Favez

After originally digging Favez on their 2002 effort 'From Lausanne, Switzerland', I stumbled back across them again recently. Turns out I've missed a few albums in the intervening 5 years and, from the sounds of it, none better than the latest 'Bigger Mountains Higher Flags'.

Musically Favez are rooted in what may once have been tagged emo (they even had the thick-rimmed specs to back it up) but for now think somewhere between Idlewild and Jimmy Eat World and you'll hit home. The older stuff was a bit more raw and closer to that Far/Quicksand feel - in guitar sound at least - with the newer songs being more polished and laden with Jimmy-hooks. The whole album is a really satisfying listen that's unassuming at first but has that x ingredient of songs that you hum sans iPod, recall who penned them, then return to the scene of the crime for another spin.

Any of the first 5 tracks could be plucked out as an example, but 'When We Were Kings' probably pips them to the post. It's been a regular player for me in the past few weeks and is a great advert for the rest of the album. Anyone looking for some a straightforward rock album hungry for the chorus would be well advised to check this one out. Plus they're from Switzerland (as was helpfully established by said first purchase) and how many bands can you say you like from that neutral land of chocolate and time keeping?

Favez - When We Were Kings

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