Monday, 3 March 2008

Monday Memory

This week will be a swift one and linking in to the modern release schedules, by way of the brothers Cavalera.

My first gig, like proper-indoors-for-one-band gig, was Sepultura at Newport Centre in December of 1996. This was the one before they finally split acrimoniously that night in Brixton. It was a tour de force in contemporary metal at the time, mixing the rough, 'Beneath the Remains' era thrash with the more downtuned and tribal feel of the 'Roots' material. Whatever they played, though, blew my group away as the raw power of a full-on metal performance seeped into our collective minds. Even trying to get the hairiest of bikers pogoing during 'Roots Bloody Roots' seemed like a smart, life-affirming effort! Looking back at the rest of the bill, too, it featured some pretty cult bands from that era in the shape of hardcore vets Strife and the oft-overlooked Floodgate. We were only there for the Seps at the time, though, and they provided more than enough of a formative metal experience to fuel my love for the music to this day.

So then, the return of Igor and Max to meaningful musical creativity......or even two words to one a welcome one in the shape of The Cavalera Conspiracy. Even better is that it's sounding good! Like a more updat
ed version of the classic Sepultura approach. Bodes well for things to come and takes me back equally to those early years and mind-blowing shows at Donington and Newport.

Sepultura - Refuse / Resist (Live at Brixton Academy '96)

The Cavalera Conspiracy - Sanctuary

The Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted is released on Roadrunner - 24/03/08

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