Monday, 31 March 2008

.....and what will be left of them?

He staggers into the long abandoned dust bowl hamlet, beaten and world-weary. Inside his sunken, pallid eyes, one can faintly make out the nightmares past. Horrors untold but all too real in the continuing conflict between wickedness and increasingly improbable redemption. No nightmares could have prepared him for the bloodied desert road he was destined to walk, yet his footfalls continued, ever more uneven and unpredictable. The whiskey deflecting, deceit disconcerting him, still were not sufficient to stall the faint hope resonating deeper within.

He has witnessed encounters some would define as supernatural, others Biblical. Hell clashing with forces unknown and seemingly emerging victorious. The nature of his memories bewilders and overwhelms him, inhibiting the ability to separate reality from there any difference? He has fought the Devil, lost, broken free, lived, died, now escaped once more, knowing not in what order but unceasingly playing back the soundtrack in his broken mind. Matters may have improved for an all too brief moment, yet the searing heat and dehydration make this more of an oasis than the real salvation he craves. A temporary jailbreak....the line walking him just as he came to believe he finally dictated the direction.

So, here he stands. One would hope for a crossroads, a sign.....some guidance.....but nothing reveals itself as the unforgiving environment continues to take its toll on his humanity. Once again looking deep into his eyes, behind the trial and torment, one can make out a distant glimmer. A pinprick of light exists amidst the surrounding black. Slowly, surely, his legs begin to shuffle forward once more, away from the ghost town and traveling onwards towards the uncertainty of the horizon. Something is waiting there for him. What, he cannot say. Yet the soundtrack to his suffering has shifted, ever so slightly and almost imperceptibly, to songs of stoicism and determination. Whatever awaits him will be met with unerring certainty. Of this, if nothing else, he has no reservations. With renewed fervour, he strides boldly into the unknown.

Murder by Death - Red of Tooth and Claw


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