Monday, 4 February 2008

Post Metal Relaxation Therapy

Damn, time flies and it definitely doesn't seem like a week between posts. Nonetheless, things have been rather busy and writing has fallen by the wayside for a number of days. Somehow the gym managed to squeeze in the weekly quota, though, which has now taken its toll on my (aching) muscles. Pity party.

Anyway, that combined with Saturday drinking, combined with late night for the Superbowl made Monday something of a horrendous exercise in exhaustion. Odd, then, that a 'post' metal band with lumbering riffs and elephantine drumming is the source of salvation against the latest 'case of the Mondays'. Minsk have been bubbling away with me for a while, though, and I think it's finally hit home just how massive their sound is. Not to mention how soothing a 14 minute long metal epic can be after a long day.

So this is really just a quick, random throw out for a band who rock as hard and heavy as Mastodon but inject a more apocalyptic, expansive approach to the songs in a way that Pelican did on their earlier material. Probably more towards the Neurosis side of the spectrum, if Pelican are at the other end, the only contemporaries I could compare them to would be Russian Circles, who have that similar talent to hold your attention with heavy riffing past the 7 minute mark. They released 'Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive' in 2005 on At a Loss Recordings, then shifted to our good friends at Relapse for 2007's 'The Ritual Fires of Abandonment'. I have to admit to missing the latter but it is making up for list time now, having pushed me back to complete the former album via emusic and give them both a good hammering.

This type of music always takes a good while to sink into the synapses and allow you to fully understand where it's heading, but unusually Minsk also make an immediate impact with the pure scope of the songs. Highly recommended and, as ever, the geniuses at good labels realise that giving us access to some free music will help introduce us to the band, so have a check and buy the good stuff if you diggit:

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