Sunday, 24 February 2008

Monday Memory

Inspired entirely by alliteration, I think I'm going to make Monday a day for taking a trip back (way back) in time. The goal will be to unearth the perfectly resting corpse of tunes that formed my musical starting points and have stuck in my memory for some reason or another. It may dredge up some good tunes from time to time but beware! There will also be some criminal listening in here, of which I refuse to be ashamed!! We all started somewhere and I know everyone bought the Bartman single at some point in the early '90's......just say it was for your little brother or something, yeah?! Back to the subject at hand and the only logical place for me to start is with Dog Eat Dog. Before even setting off, I can say there was nothing cool about these boys, from what I remember. They were white boys with a line in good time almost-core. I think they actually later labelled it funcore, although that might be doing them a disservice as perhaps it was something from the mags (not like Kerrang! now, is it?).

My overriding memory is that I had a tape of 'All Boro Kings' and Offspring's 'Smash' that I just wore down throughout 1995. This mainly occurred on our school German exchange trip as we coached it through France, Belgium, and into good ol' Deutschland. It took damn ages to get there but I was perfectly happy with a shitty old tape player and the (then) entirely new sound of serrated guitars mixing with half-rapped lyrics and saxophone weaving in and out of the tunes. 'No Fronts' and 'Who's the King?' in particular stick in the mind and epitomise a time of basically enjoying good times, cheap beer (Faxe....BIIIG cans, small liver!) and first forays into heavier music........much more seminal bands were to come but Dog Eat Dog were definitely my first album purchase and example of listening something to death, so unsurprisingly they have a special place in my rhythmic heart.

Still going to this day, as far as I can see, and having released the fair to middling 'Walk With Me' last year, they still have the mission statement to "kick this just for fun" which essentially sums up the whole discography. Unashamed good time music without limits, fronts, tricks........or, indeed, soapbox politics.

The one, the only, NO FRONTS.

ISMS video - All over MTV when it still played music videos....get a fill of those lyrics. I know the hand moves to those, oh yes.

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