Monday, 18 February 2008

Brit? POP!

Damnation, now it's TWO weeks since a post.......this is wrong, very wrong. I'm blaming work again. It takes over my mind through the day, keeps hold of it for a few hours afterwards, then finally lets go but leaves me incapable of much more than consuming either TV or my beloved tunes. Productivity is often out of the question. Must. Reset. Priorities.....! So this is a quick one just to pimp up a couple of fresh young Brit bands that deserve some words. The first are local peddlers of spazzed out electronica, Indica Ritual. I've yet to catch these neon Scouse beasts live but their reputation precedes them. Check out the off-kilter, madcap keyboard fuzz of 'Trade Show' here for an introduction. If you're in the Liverpool area these geezers have plenty of shows coming up in February/March, so join me in finally making the effort to catch a gig.

The next are Blood Red Shoes, a lad-lass duo from Brighton who make far more noise than two people ought to be able. Looking at the press pics you'd assume a simple, quietish indie/folk combo but the tunes race across urgent and catchy indie numbers to plain pounding rock. They've only been around a couple of years, with the earlier stuff being the more alt-rock side of things and more recent efforts bringing out a catchier but no less dynamic element. You can find lots of earlier stuff for free on their website, this one being well recommended. Then traverse onto their new single which came out just two weeks ago. The requisite UK toilet tour is also coming up in April, so get out there and see their thang if you dig the tunes.

That's it for now. In the pipeline I have reviews for new British Sea Power and Black Mountain finally sorted in my head, just needing to form them into (semi) coherent sentences up in here now. There's also some big love coming for Darkest Hour for simply slaying the nights as I'm wandering home after a long day. Not right now, it's all about the kip! Zzzzzzzzzzzz........

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