Monday, 28 January 2008

REVIEW: This Will Destroy You - s/t

Ebb and flow. Such a phrase could realistically be applied to almost any music but after listening to the debut full length from San Marcos, TX crew This Will Destroy You,there are surely only a tiny percentage of bands left that really explore the same dynamic?

Having only really got to grips with their more overtly bold post-rock (does that tag put you off yet?) stylings on the Young Mountain EP (2005) slightly before last year expired, it came as a very pleasant surprise to find that this would be one of my first aural pleasures for the New Year.....and what a pleasure this is. The best way to describe their sound would probably be tidal. All but one of the songs are significantly over the five minute mark, allowing plenty of time for the songs to open, unwind, and build to glorious crescendos, then elegantly recede back into the delicate calm from whence they came. Whilst this may sound no more dynamic than your standard genre fare, these songs have a natural elegance and delicacy surrounding them that somehow sets them apart from the majority of their peers. Nowhere is this more evident than on gorgeous album centre-piece The Mighty Rio Grande which fits its name without me needing to throw
around inadequate adjectives. The closest link would almost certainly be their kindred state spirits Explosions in the Sky, yet they're still very distinct sounds in their own special ways.

It's difficult to pick a highlight from the album, as the whole thing should really be appreciated in a way that may be a dying method of listening, although the unique electronic undercurrent of They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light can certainly lay claim to being the most ear pricking moment on show. Everything here has an uplifting, gentle sway to it that builds where it needs to, yet has no need to veer off into the quiet-loud-quiet dynamics simply for the sake of the post-rock blueprint. As such, this album may not have as many crusading highs as an Explosions.. or Grails record but it definitely trumps those groups (which is some feat) in terms of
glistening, pure and natural songs.

In the same way that Aereogramme booted off last year with a fine, expansive and moving album, This Will Destroy You have achieved the same at the start of 2008. This will keep growing and be ever present in my playlists through the year, I'm sure, and provides a wonderful antidote to that lingering New Year lull. This certainly won't destroy you, in fact it's much more likely to create new hope.......what more reason to buy??


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